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Bug IDSummaryLast UpdatedDepends On
Bug 1452773Slave loan request for a t-yosemite-r7 machine for :bwc2018-05-10 00:41:26 None
Bug 1465059Slave loan request for Win7-32 debug to ccorcoran2018-06-04 17:34:55 None
Bug 1237247Slave loan request for b-2008 machine2018-06-06 02:58:36 1169480

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Bug IDSummaryLast UpdatedDepends On
Bug 733528Support creating and extracting .tar.xz files2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1164464cache-match.https.html takes an order of magnitude longer to run on Win7/Win8 vs XP2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1236068Update PulseAudio package on Linux 32+64 test machines to 7.x2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1240605Set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH on Windows test machines2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1256689puppetizing new aws masters requires manual intervention2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1267002Update the Windows 10 base image for testing to build 10586 (November Update)2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1307246Tests on Windows can get interrupted when machine goes to Windows start screen2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1308196Add Windows 8 x64 to Try-Comm-Central2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1336747Frequent Windows 8 reftest/crashtest/jsreftest startup "reftest | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output" where the screenshot shows the Start screen2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1340823Windows 7 builds on comm-central miss build indicator2018-05-08 22:24:36 None
Bug 1372206documentation for developers using taskcluster2018-05-14 19:20:47 None
Bug 1407534Please re-image talos-linux64-ix-0332018-05-16 06:18:14 None
Bug 1465059Slave loan request for Win7-32 debug to ccorcoran2018-06-04 17:34:55 None
Bug 1467573the slave-health reboot action fails for any machine2018-06-08 15:55:34 None
Bug 1467942[TRACKING] Connect and troubleshoot workers in CI duty infra2018-06-08 23:38:49 None
Bug 1462832T-W1064-MS-077 problem tracking2018-06-15 02:16:28 None

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Bug IDSummaryLast UpdatedDepends On
Bug 798025stop using --no-check-certificate with wget2018-05-08 22:24:36 971157
Bug 1090643Only broken Windows slaves running at too small a resolution hit test_acceleration.html | Acceleration enabled on Windows XP or newer - didn't expect 0, but got it2018-05-08 22:24:36 1190868, 1280496
Bug 1110612Replace mac v2 signing servers with OSX 10.10 instead of 10.92018-05-08 22:24:36 1078882
Bug 1285510Intermittent failures of TaskCluster win64 debug builds2018-05-08 22:24:36 1287258
Bug 1367448support in existing tools to monitor state of hardware pools running taskcluster workers2018-05-08 22:24:36 1368718
Bug 1439570Run JS test suite on ARM64 hardware2018-05-08 22:24:36 1430743, 1440330
Bug 1460684Problem Tracking: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('six')2018-05-10 18:09:00 1449350, 1459391
Bug 1219756t-yosemite-r7-0030 problem tracking2018-05-22 08:14:14 1219669, 1282310, 1318783, 1463350
Bug 1465753t-w1064-ms-281 problem tracking2018-06-07 18:24:00 1467264
Bug problem tracking2018-06-21 04:59:06 1470062
Bug 896621t-xp32-ix-005 problem tracking2018-06-22 16:36:18 896599, 934474, 1302927

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Bug IDSummaryLast UpdatedDepends On
Bug 1164026Set up builds for gecko-ios2018-05-08 22:24:36 1163827
Bug 1464070t-linux64-ms-280 problem tracking2018-06-05 19:33:29 1464064, 1464493Lock icon, 1410207Lock icon
Bug problem tracking2018-06-15 17:36:52 1469013
Bug problem tracking2018-06-21 05:04:50 1470064
Bug problem tracking2018-06-21 05:05:29 1470066